Monthly happenings

We have a mountain of activities planned for kids of all ages to enjoy Kananaskis. Take a look at our Activity Guide to help you plan the perfect getaway for your family!


We have curated a spectacular line-up of kid-approved activities and seasonal programs that are guaranteed to entertain and amaze our younger guests. Whether you are looking for activities to do as a family, or for kids supervised programs,  we are here to ensure you enjoy, relax, and reconnect during your stay.




Saturdays, 10:00am to 12:00pm


Spend the morning with our team learning about the great outdoors and gain new skills. Go outside and learn to identify animal tracks, get survival skills and learn about the beautiful Kananaskis Valley. 

Cost: Complimentary for Children 4 and up, childcare included

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Saturdays, 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Kids can learn from our chefs how to make their very own pizza in the wood-burning oven! Let them mix and match from a wonderful selection of fresh ingredients, and top off a house-made pizza dough.

Cost: $25/child, childcare included

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More activities are planned every month, for all ages. Make sure you see our Activities guide!


We also offer fully certified babysitting services that can be booked ahead of time. Our Lodge lobby features board games for your family to enjoy in front of the roaring fire. Whatever your plans, we offer a range of exciting opportunities year round.



We offer babysitting services. Bring your kids and still enjoy some alone time as a couple. Our Family Activities Team is available to assist you with any bookings, requests, and additional information you may need.

Happy Trails is a recreational daycare facility that is chock full of fun and excitement for children aged one to ten years old. Children can be dropped off at Happy Trails in the Children’s Creative Centre if you plan to stay at the Village. It is ideal for taking an hour or two to visit the Nordic Spa, fitness centre, or just to have some quiet time.


Cost: $15 per hour per child or $20 per hour per family.


Winter Happy Trails typically runs on weekends only.

Summer Happy Trails typically runs daily.


Typical Hours:

Friday to Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

The Lodge is happy to provide babysitting and child-minding services so you can have a getaway of your own.


We have partnered with Heritage Nanny to bring you reliable, safe childcare that you can feel good about. Their team of nannies are happy to provide the care and attention your little ones deserves.


Please be advised that the agency requires a minimum of three hours per booking within 48 hours, otherwise based upon availability. Cancellations need to be made with 72 hours’ notice, full amount will be charged after that.



  • 1-2 Children $26.25/hour (includes GST)
  • 3 Children $30.45/hour (includes GST)
  • 4 Children $34.65/hour (includes GST)
  • 5 Children $37.80/hour (includes GST)
  • Daily rate $178.50 (includes GST) for 8 hours for 1-2 children


Please note that rates may vary on Holidays.

Our brand new playground and fully loaded indoor water park is now open! The Rocky Mountain inspired leisure pool is decked out with tons of awesome splash pads, pools, slides, and excitement sure to keep the whole family smiling.


Waterpark Features will include:

  • Water jets
  • 40 foot tube slide
  • 80 foot open flume slide
  • Wolf themed children’s slide
  • Mountainscape waterslides
  • Family wide children’s section
  • Rain umbrella
  • Animal themed water cannons
  • Lounge chairs


Fitness Centre Amenities

  • Lockers with digital security
  • Towels
  • Showers
  • Spacious change rooms


For a bit of a quieter experience, our new indoor/outdoor hot tub is the place you’ll want to be.

For the Mountains Explorers Experience, we have produced a new structure to the program. Most of the activities will be located outdoors with a wilderness setting where exploration, creativity and sensory learning will develop, stimulating the opportunity for educational play and outdoor learning experiences. All family members are encouraged to participate in our programs as an opportunity to re-discover each other and make new connections.


Family yoga, interpretative walks, interactive storytelling and learning essential wilderness skills such as building fires and how to tie important knots. These are a few of the activities we will be offering that will certainly keep the family engaged.


This program is free for children 4 years old+ and includes babysitting. Adults can also participate for free. Some programs will be based in several locations in Kananaskis and this will require the use of a shuttle for transportation.


Tired of the same old routine? Spend quality time with your family while trying our fresh and fun activities.


It can be challenging to find time to connect regularly as a family in today’s fast-paced society, but doing so is important. Studies reveal that family time can boost kids’ self-esteem, enhance social development, and create strong relational bonds. 


We invite older sibling, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, basically anyone you can drag along! No matter what age, we guarantee you will enjoy yourself.

Contact Us
Our Family Activities Team is available to assist you with any bookings, requests, and additional information you may need. You can contact us directly at 403-591-6250 or email familyactivities@lodgeatkananaskis.com.