Pool & Hot Tub

Our newly renovated pool and hot tub amenities will captivate all health and wellness addicts. All guests have access to our fitness room, indoor/outdoor hot tub and change rooms.


It doesn’t get better than this!


Now open, the new Rocky Mountain Leisure Pool concept will be perfect for kids who want to have some fun. With a zero entry children’s pool, ground jets, themed rocks and tree stump water jets and a mountain themed water play table, your kids will have have hours of fun!

HOURS (indoor water park, hot tub & fitness centre)

5:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.


Please note that the Indoor Water Park will be Closed Sunday, January 27 until Friday, February 8.


  • Rocky Mountain Leisure Pool Concept
  • Zero entry children’s pool
  • Ground jets
  • Themed rocks/tree stump water jets
  • Log/animal themed water cannons
  • Mountain themed water play table
  • Beaver dam pool divider
  • Rain umbrella tree
  • Wolf themed children’s slide
  • Custom mountainscape surrounding waterslides
  • Family wide children’s side
  • 40ft tube slide
  • 80ft open flume slide
  • Additional lounge/seating area with new lobby design

Now Open!